Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to school

It seems simple enough. What's the big deal? Summer is coming to an end and Connor is starting the first grade the girls are starting preschool, this is a good thing right? THEN WHY DO I FEEL THE NEED TO PULL MY HAIR OUT!

Last week was the first day of school on a Wednesday, incident free (I think).

Thursday I was told Connor had a hard day, not following directions, throwing temper tantrums stuff like that.

Friday he tried to bite his teacher! Another hard day.

Monday Mark takes him to school with me and Connor is crying and say's he doesn't want to go to school. So Mark decides he can come home... with out checking out. Everyone (mom and Quinn) is calling me on my cell phone all frantic saying that the school is looking for Connor. By the time we get home and call the school the police are at our door just to make sure everything is all right! Scary.

Tuesday he throws such a big fit throwing things, kicking, leaving the class by him self to kick the back packs out side on the ground. He gets sent to the principals office!

Wednesday (today) I'm crossing my fingers. Mark has strep throat, Carly and Chloe had to get shot's and pee in a cup, and I've agreed to baby sit Friday the same day I'll go back to the Dr. to have their TB test read. There's just a lot going on. But I feel better. We can do this. We will get into a routine and every thing will be all right. Like Richard Starskie say's "Stuffs get'en better".

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just one second mom, we're freshening up.

So I was playing video games with Connor when I realized the girls have been in the bathroom for a long time and it's quiet. Of course I HAVE to help Connor pass this one level so I don't get up but rather yell "girls what are you doing?".

Chloe yells back to me through the bathroom door "Just a second mom"
"What are you doing?" I say.... no answer. Oooo I found another blue coin! For Connor of course. Still quiet... "Chloe, Carly what are you doing?!". Then the door is opened just a crack wide enough for Chloe's head to pop out and she say's in a careful quiet voice that musters all the manners she can express "Just one second mom, we're freshening up."

Uut oh. I'd better check. So I pass the remote to Connor and as I get up Chloe then begins to reassure me by saying "no, no mom please don't come in!" At the same time Carly begins to cry and say she needs help. With that Chloe concedes and steps aside to reveal Carly standing on the counter top passing lip stick to Chloe who grabs it then quickly proceeds to spray the top of her head with a few more squirts of Chloroseptic soar throat spray before I can grab it from her. As I help Carly down form the counter I notice the top of her head is also drenched in the same medicated liquid. Also my face powder is all over the sink and floor. Needless to say they had a good time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where's my nectarine?!

It's been an effort but I have three kids who eat apples, carrots, watermelon and two out of three eat bananas. But in an attempt to increase their palate I recently bought two nectarines and two peaches. Knowing they weren't ripe yet I placed them in a brown paper bag and waited. They were the subject of great interest and over and over I was explaining "their peaches and nectarines but their not ready yet". Well today I went to try them, planing on slicing them up and having every one try them. But all I had in the bag was one peach... Hmmmm. So I say "guys, where's my nectarine?". No answer... "guys! where's my nectarine?! Chloe have you seen it?"
"No mom" she answered sweetly. Piterbed I chalked the missing fruit up to Marks appetite. I let it go and proceeded to assemble every one's lunches. But when I turned around to put the plates on the table what do I see but a mostly eaten and almost totally skinless nectarine!
"Chloe" I say.
"What" she say's
"What's this on the table?"
"Oh that was so good I loved it"
"Well that's a nectarine honey."
"Yea a nectarine we need to get more of those mama".
"Okay baby we will". How can anyone get mad at that? Now I can say at least one out of three eat nectarines and that ain't bad.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Preschooler's wisdom

So I'm finally adding my first story.

I'm in the bedroom folding laundry, Chloe is kneeling beside the bed swaddling her dolly and Carly is pressing her face against the open window screen. I say to Carly "be careful and don't push on the screen because if you fall it will hurt, your not made of cartoon." Carly takes note and backs up a little and Chloe pipes in her two cents and say's "yah only God is made of cartoon". Teehee.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here it is! you found it. It's my new blog. After I got it all set up I realized... I have nothing to say. However the next time I have a funny "guess what the kid's and or cats just did" story I'll be ready.
I still have to figure out how to get back here and how to view my post.

Wish me luck.